Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Model Rocket Building

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Chris Michaelsson has a nice model rocket building blog at http://www.modelrocketbuilding.blogspot.com/ . Chris is the founder of Odd'l Rockets and does a lot of work for some of the other rocket manufacturers, whether it is building models or illustrating manuals. One of the features of his blog is that he often steps you through the builds of various models and shares some tips along the way.

Interrogator Build on the Model Rocket Building Blog

Chris Michielsson's Model Rocket Building Blog is an interesting blog that covers building many model rockets from a long-time rocketeer's perspective. Chris is also the owner of Odd'l Rockets, the maker of "odd" rockets and useful accessories for the model rocketeer. Sirius Rocketry carries many of his products in the Sirius Rocketry Online Store in the Odd'l Rockets category.

Interrogator Parts from Chris Michielsson's Model Rocket Building Blog
The Model Rocket Building Blog is currently working on building a standard (18mm) Sirius Rocketry Interrogator. As is typical with the blogs' builds, Chris takes you step-by-step through the build with some techniques, ideas, and observations he has picked up along the way.

Check out the Sirius Rocketry Interrogator build:
Building the Sirius Rocketry Interrogator on the Model Rocket Building Blog