Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Sirius Rocketry Saturn V on an AeroTech I284W
The Sirius Rocketry Saturn V on an AeroTech I284.

Welcome to the Sirius Rocketry Blog!

Hello everyone! 

Dave from Sirius Rocketry here.  Sirius Rocketry has  been around for 14 years now (really - has it been that long?), and we have really enjoyed the friends we have made over the years.  This new Sirius Rocketry blog will be one of the many ways we can talk with our favorite people - our customers.

Every day I come across interesting rocketry stories, new product information, real-space exploration news, news on what my rocketry friends are doing and more.  It is my hope to share some of those interesting items here, and also point you to some interesting things that you may not know about Sirius Rocketry, one of the best-kept secrets in hobby rocketry.

I have been involved in hobby rocketry since 1969 when I was yet a smaller human, and have contributed to the hobby ever since.  The business of Sirius Rocketry is only the most recent form of how I have been able to contribute, but also one of the most rewarding.

It is my hope that I can bring items of interest to the hobby rocketeer here as well as items for the sci-fi and science geek and more. I also have a little rocketry nostalgia that I may dig out from time to time if you are interested.  Of course, some Sirius Rocketry news and business will be mixed in, but this is not the only reason for this blog. And some Sirius Rocketry history tidbits will also find it's way into this blog from time to time.

My favorite things are rocketry history, both real and hobby rocketry, history of NAR, Tripoli, NASA, NACA and more, and what we have done and what we hope to do.

And, a few sci-fi and fantasy shows on the side...

I just hope space and science fans enjoy, and stop by our site once in a while! :-)

The "Serious Guy"
Sirius Rocketry

In the photo: The Sirius Rocketry Saturn V launched on an AeroTech I284W-M trimmed down to a seven-second delay, just about ideal for the stock build of the kit.

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