Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sirius Rocketry Transition Series Eradicator Now Available!

The Sirius Rocketry Transition Series Eradicator

We are proud to announce the general availability of the new Sirius Rocketry Transition Series Eradicator! 

The Eradicator is the latest Mid/High power rocket in our "Transition Series" of rocket kits.  Transition Series rockets (like the new Eradicator and the ever-popular Interrogator G) are rockets that can be flown as mid-power rockets, and then be flown as a high-power rocket on an H for your level 1 certification! Transition series rockets have features like thicker walled body tubes, Kevlar shock cord mount, motor retention hardware, laser-cut aircraft plywood centering rings and fins, ripstop nylon parachute, rail buttons AND launch lugs supplied standard, and other features that make them rugged flyers - great to "transition" into high power rocketry or just have fun with larger hobby rocketry F and G motors!

The Eradicator features a unique strake/ring/tail fin assembly, dual stepped body tube diameters with interesting "vaned" transition, plastic nose cone, and as usual, our trademark waterslide decal sheets with plenty of interesting detail to add!

More information about the Eradicator is on the main Sirius Rocketry website here, and you can purchase the eradicator in the Sirius Rocketry Online Store here!